Top 3 Snorkel Sites in Seychelles

There are many great snorkeling sites in Seychelles. In fact, this region is considered to be one of the most snorkel- and dive-friendly in the world. The rich aquatic environment and pristine waters of the Indian Ocean make this experience fascinating and guarantees excellent visibility.

Today, I would like to present the most wonderful snorkel sites in Seychelles:

Ste Anne Marine National Park

Ste Anne Marine National Park, situated near Mahe Island, is probably the most scenic snorkel site in Seychelles. Additionally, it is located only 5 km from the capital city, Victoria. The Marine Park encompasses 6 petite islands surrounded by azure waters. It is a paradise for watersports lovers in general, not only snorkelers. However, snorkeling here is a really unforgettable experience as the region is known for turquoise lagoons and ample coral reefs. You will also be able to see sea turtles and many species of tropical fish.

The Vista Bay Rocksstarfish-1743018_1280

The Vista Bay Rocks are situated near Beay Vallon Bay on Mahe Island. If you choose this beautiful spot, you will be able to see lobsters, moray eels and many other species of water animals. Moreover, the site is known for great reefs and astonishing granite boulders that rise up from the sea.

Channel Rocks

Channel Rocks, situated between Praslin and La Digue Islands are an outstanding snorkel site. Here, you will be able to see real underwater gems. What is interesting, these quite shallow waters attract fish which tent to exist in the depth. In result, you have a chance to see whale sharks, giant octopus and eagle rays. The underwater granite rocks which form a maze, of picturesque arches and coves are an additional attraction of this snorkel site.



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