My top 5 absolutely-must-see sailing spots around the world

One of my picks would definitely be Greece, with the areas of Crete and the island of Thira, Vilamoura in Portugal, the Tenerife, South America with the Brazilian Guanabara bay and the area around Moorea in French Polynesia. Why? Just consider:

All of them are really warm, picturesque and, most importantly, unlike any other sailing places around the world-each offering me something slightly different.


The Tenerife is an absolutely stunning place for travelling and yachting, showing off its exotic views, the volcano and the unique species, including the so called dragon tree, which you will not find anywhere else in the world. The friendly locals were really willing to give a hint about the must-see sailing spots, which no travel guide included.

The French Polynesia is one of my picks as sometimes you just need to met more people, exchange experience, try the local cuisine together and then simply sail away seeking adventure among the sandy beaches, sunny bays and, most importantly, it is on the way to practically any other yachting destination- from Tahiti to the Moorea Island.

The Guanabara is renowned not only for the sunny, exotic beaches, but also the characteristic music of South America-after all, sailing is not only about water now, is it?

And Crete? I would recommend it when on the lookout for a peaceful, less commercial yachting place. I can easily imagine myself sailing there on one of the newest, luxurious Leopard 40.

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