Mediterranean Yacht Charters

When spending your vacation in the Mediterranean, you have plenty of opportunity, from a simple boat, to the most luxurious vessels, capable of taking you on the longest journeys with all of your friends. Just imagine the views, the picturesque islands, exotic bays, the unforgettable sunsets at the sea. Take your fishing equipment and join yachting vacation with a real fishing adventure.

Charter your yacht now and enjoy the cruise aboard the luxurious Alcor or Latitude. That would cost you around seventy four thousand euro, up to eighty thousand, depending on the length and the time of year, in which you decide to start the yachting journey in the “centre of the world”. Looking for a real sailing adventure with a couple of your friends? Charter the fantastic Jazz Jr. yacht for less than fifty thousand euro in the summer and less than forty thousand euro during the winter months.

Head for the marinas of Monaco for a luxurious pause in the journey or head for Sicily to experience something slightly different. You can also visit the picturesque Malta, Croatia or the French Riviera, all of which have their own, unique character and climate. You can sail through the area aboard a modern catamaran, sailboat, power boat, traditional yachts and the most luxurious vessels. No matter if you’re experienced or not, as you can charter a fully crewed boat at any time of the year. Bareboat charters are also possible and even cheaper than the fully crewed charter, however you need to have more experience and some necessary documents that will be required for the charter.

J-Daze Regatta hosted by Canandaigua Yacht Club on Saturday, May 2, 2008.

J-Daze Regatta hosted by Canandaigua Yacht Club on Saturday, May 2, 2008.

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