How to avoid problems on yacht trip?

Every captain has had a difficult situation on the board – how to avoid them? Firstly luxury yacht charter is luxury only when everything is good planned. At least few months before the travel I collect the crew, we fix date and book a yacht. I sign an agreement and I am sure I will have the boat. Yacht rental few weeks before the cruise is very risky. You never know if the rental company will have some free. Yacht charters are very popular and sometimes there can be no yacht so that is better to book it earlier.

The travel should be good planned and I always know into which ports we will come and how high are the port fees. I try to choose only those ports which are located close to the interesting locations. Yacht charter is not only sitting on the deck and steer all the time. I discover new places and new residents’ habits. I taste new dishes and get to know new interesting people. Many times I got a feeling I discover a totally different world of the inhabitants.

Going for this kind of travel is connecting with many dangerous situations. Yacht charter means you have to be very careful and do not damage anything. When is strong wind on the sea and there are some rocks or another yachts and boat even good captain can have an accident. I always have a good map for yachtsmen and I try to avoid risky ground and areas.

Not everyone but at least few people of the crew should know the sailing commands and navigation of yacht. When I go sleep or have a break for awhile there is still a man who controls the situation on the sea.


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