Destination: Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is considered to be the most beautiful island of the Canaries. Although its desert climate, common sandstorms and rather monotonous landscape should seem tourist unfriendly, it is probably the most beloved of the Canary Islands. Why? Miles of golden beaches, waves perfect for windsurfing and scenic sheltered bays for pleasant swims speak for themselves. This island is a real holiday paradise, offering you not only pristine waters and beautiful beaches but also many fascinating historic sites, picturesque hiking and trails as well as exuberant nightlife. All these features make it not only a place perfect for a holiday with a group of friends but also for a family vacation. In Fuerteventura everybody can find an entertainment for themselves. If you are cruising in the Canary Islands; Fuerteventura should be on your must-see list.

I recommend you choose the port in Corralejo to be your anchorage in Fuerteventura. Corralejo is a charming fishing village, where you can find many attractions, such sea-928481_1280as long seashore promenade, excellent local cuisine as well as charmingly quiet beaches, such as El Pozo or El Moro. While exploring the island, you cannot omit the wonderful town of Betancuria, which is also an important religious site. Have a walk around the town and admire all of its architectural treasures, such as the grand cathedral.

As I mentioned earlier, Fuerteventura is mostly known for its breathtaking beaches. Many of them are unspoilt and quiet, which makes them certainly most attractive than busy and noisy ones in Gran Canaria or Tenerife. Moreover, the island’s climate enables you to have a beach vacation all year round.

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