Breathtaking Grenada

Grenada is a wonderful holiday destination if you are looking for a relaxing holiday spot in the Caribbean. It is worth to mention that Grenada is also considered to be the most unspoilt places in the entire region. Its natural beauty will take your breath away at every step; only think about scenic volcanic hills which surround charming bays, white-sand isolated beaches and blue lagoon. Although Grenada is one of the 7 islands of the archipelago of the same name, it offers you the highest number of attraction.

When you are visiting Grenada, you cannot omit the capital city, St. George’s, which is located on the island. St. George’s is known for its charming architecture and rich cultural life. The thing that is most characteristic about St. Georges it is its buildings: most of them are white with red roofs. When you look at them all charmingly clustered in a small piece of ground, it really makes an impression. When you are in St. Georges, I recommend you visit an interesting Grenada National Museum as well as Fort George and Fort Federick.

There are also two scenic natural parks located on Grenada: Grand Etangvanilla-flower-542019_1280 and Levera, where you can go hiking or biking in the bosom of tropical nature. During such trips, you will be able to admire wonderful nature with many different species of tropical animals and plants.

Grenada is also known as the “Spice Island” as you can find there impressive plantations of nutmeg, vanilla, or cocoa. Most of them are open for visitors, so make sure to visit at least one of them. The most popular are Belmont Estate and Dougaldston Spice Estate. Moreover, Grenada is known for rum production, which process you may observe in the distilleries, such as River Antoine Rum Distillery.

spices-834114_1280The entire island is surrounded by pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea, so water sports fans should be purely satisfied. Moreover, you will find there the beach that is considered to be the most astonishing in the entire Caribbean, it is called Anse Beach.

If you would like to discover all of Grenada’s islands, the most convenient way to do this will be by a chartered yacht. The major port is located in St. George’s. Then you can visit different island each day, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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