Best Dives around French Polynesia

There are many wonderful diving spots in French Polynesia. The diversity of marine life that can be found there is really outstanding. If you choose this region, you will have a chance to dive in the electric blue lagoon and colorful reef. Diving is easily accessible here as there are dive centers and schools located on every major island.

This is why I would like to tell you about the most wonderful diving sites in French Polynesia:


The waters surrounding the picturesque Rangiora are considered to be the most wonderful dive spots in French Polynesia. Rangiora is a large atoll, around which you can explore an extremely rich aquatic environment. If you will be diving here, you will be able to discover sea creatures, such as giant turtles, barracudas and dolphins.

Tumakohua Pass

Tumakohua Pass, located near the southern coast of Fakarava Island is known for underwater valley called Shark’s Hole, which is often visited my different kinds of sharks.


Tikehau is a small atoll near Rangiora surrounded by vast lagoon, which guarantees you an excellent visibility while diving. This area is also densely inhabited by various schools of fish, such as clown and parrot fish as well as tunas and snappers.

Rose Garden

A dive site called Rose Garden located near Moorea took its charming name after a coral reef which in this particular place looks like flower carpets.


Tiki is located in the neighborhood of Moorea as well. This site is known for great visibility and very diverse marine life. Choosing this area, you may even notice whales, dolphins and many different sharks’ species.

The Wrecks

The Wrecks is an extremely impressive shipwreck dive near Tahiti. Additionally, this site is known for excellent visibility.

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